I'm a dedicated Graphic Designer and Photographer with 9 years professional experience in the industry. Throughout the years I worked with various companies as well as freelance, gaining extensive insight into various sectors as well as different work environments.

Design and creativity are my bread and butter. I love brainstorming and turning my sketched ideas into a digitalized artwork.

I enjoy working in a team environment as the bouncing off of ideas, as well as the sharing of resources creates a positive workflow in the office. Apart from a specific skill set, every designer brings different attributes to the table, so there is always something new to learn.

My passion for photography has helped me develop an eye for detail and appreciate more the so called 'balance' in every piece of work. I'm passionate about making sure that graphics are aesthetically pleasing, clear, emotive, on-brand and usable.

I use Adobe Creative Cloud CC software on a daily basis and Having also worked as a Web Designer in the past, I have working knowledge of HTML, CSS and CMS. The menus on top and below will showcase a few samples of my work, thanks for visiting!

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