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A timeline of my corporate & freelance projects.

March 2018 - Hyperion QS

Client: Leading Proprietary Firm.
Work includes: Logo Creation, Branding Guidelines, Landing Page & Typography.

February 2018 - GameDome

Client: Arcade Game Review Website.
Work includes: Logo 

January 2018 - ArcMatrix

Client: Hardware Store.
Work includes: Logo & Watermarks.

December 2017 - ApptheNation

Client: Mobile App Review Blog.
Work includes: Logo

November 2017 - Msales @ Bangkok

Client: Ad performance network firm.
Work includes: infographic, conference stand & social media ads.

October 2017 - GadgetUni

Client: Gadget website.
Work includes: Logo, social media Ads, web content & photography

September 2017 - Turkish Stars

Client: Turkish Air Force
Work includes: Illustration

August 2017 - VegasCrest UI

Client: Online Casino Gaming.
Work includes: User Interface Graphics and web content.

July 2017 - PC-7 Swiss Team

Client: Swiss Air Force
Work Includes: Illustration

June 2017 - Corinthia Sun & Fun

Client: Water sports equipment rental service
Work includes: Magazine Ads, Brochure and Stand 

May 2017 - 9H Media - Spotter

Client: Aviation Magazine
Work includes: Logo

April 2017 - CyberBingo

Client: Online Bingo Website.
Work includes: Display ads, Social Media ads and E-Mail Marketing.

March 2017 - A new logo....for myself

Client: nobody
Work includes: Logo

February 2017 - Fiery Fox Treasure Box

Client: Jewellery Shop
Work includes: Logo

January 2017 - VistaGaming Affiliates

Client: Online Bingo Website
Work includes: Conference stand, Magazine Full Page Ads.

December 2016 -

Works include: Illustrations.

November 2016 - CC Advocates Events Photography

Client: Law Firm
Works include: Photography

October 2016 - Cafe Ole'

Client: Cafeteria
Works include: Logo

September 2016 - Polish Air Force

Client: Polish Air Force
Works include: Illustration

August 2016 - COZY

Client: Interior Designer
Works include: Logo 

July 2016 - Juegos Lucky

Client: Online Betting Website.
Work includes: Display ads, Social Media ads and E-Mail Marketing.

June 2016 - Italian Air Force

Client: Italian Air Force
Work includes: Illustration.

May 2016 - Ventnor Community Library

Client: Local Library
Work includes: Logo

April 2016 - BuzzBuzzBee

Client: Blogger
Work includes: Logo

March 2016 - Food Photography

Client: Blogger
Work Includes: Photography

February 2016 - Vespa Day Event

Client: Vespa Club
Work Includes: Logo

January 2016 - Night-time Photography

Client: Random
Work Includes: Photography

December 2015 - Amplified

Client: Student's University Project
Work includes: Logo

November 2015 - HMCTM

Client: Diecast Model Shop
Work includes: Website & Logo

October 2015 - Portrait Photography

Client: Random
Work Includes: Photography

September 2015 - Cyberbingo

Client: Online Bingo
Works Included: Concept Art

August 2015 - Squad16

Client: Local Band
Work Includes: Logo,  Social Media ads and Event Posters