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Project: Altaro Brand Photography

Client: Altaro Software

Industry: IT

Assignment: To show the audience, the passionate team behind an award-winning sofware. Following a competitor research, I proposed a new visual direction for the Altaro brand as a means to differentiate ourselves from the rest. Unlike its competition at the time, which relied on stock photos; Altaro's brand photography was shot within its office environment during a normal working day. The photos were then edited, approved and used in all following branding campaigns. I was responsible for the entire execution of the project: competitor research, concept creation, photo shoot, selection, editing and media distribution. This gave a more realistic and honest behind-the-scenes of the Altaro culture, which soon became a global success story.

from photoshoot to social media ad

from photoshoot to billboard

from photoshoot to website images

from photoshoot to company's photo stock library

Project: Portrait Photography

Client: Various

Industry: Portrait Photography

Assignment: To take 50+ portrait photoshoots in a span of 3 years (2014-2017). These had to vary in location, lighting, composition, emotion and technical settings. The idea behind the project was to repay studio equipment and gain knowledge on the following:

- Learning the basics of portrait photography

- Setting up a 2-light studio

- Mastering the camera settings

- Coaching and making the subject comfortable for the shoot

- Trying different backgrounds and light positions

- Comparing indoor and outdoor shoots